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The Bruce WashPod is the right fit for Mayer Earthworks Ltd

Apr 01, 2024Apr 01, 2024

Mayer Earthworks Ltd, a groundworks specialist based in Staffordshire, has expanded its material processing capabilities with the purchase of a Bruce WashPod from CRJ Services Ltd. The WashPod, developed by Bruce Engineering Ltd, is a uniquely compact wash plant that produces three grades of cleaned aggregates and a single sand product.

Bruce Engineering Ltd developed the WashPod to meet the demand of a sub-sector of the aggregate recycling industry that want to wash secondary recycled materials, to produce sized gravel and sand products, but with limited space on-site, in which to do so.

The WashPod comprises of a set of modular components situated within a space similar to that of two 40ft high cube containers, making it easier and more cost-efficient to transport and install compared to larger, traditional wash plants. The system includes a dual shaft log washer that scrubs material as it enters the Pod. The cleaned material leaves the log wash and is fed onto a washing screen that further cleans and sizes the material in preparation for stockpiling. The dirt from the log wash leaves at the rear with organic matter and trash captured via the on-board Trash Screen. The sand is collected from the washing screen into a 'sand tank' which is pumped into the hydro cyclones for further cleaning and silt removal. Finally, the sand is fed onto a dewatering screen, which removes the remaining water and produces a clean sand product, with less than of 12% moisture content.

The WashPod purchased by Mayer Earthworks is processing sub-40mm grab-away material, a by-product of its groundwork services. The raw material is screened with a deck screener, with the sub-40mm being fed into the WashPod Hopper. Following the scrubbing, trash removal, and rinsing process, clean 10mm, 20mm, 25-40mm aggregate products and a single coarse sand product are outputted, suitable for sale in the construction industry.

"In 2022 we decided to take the large step by investing in a C&D wash plant. The main reason we decided to take this approach is sustainability. By investing in clever, innovative technology, we are now capable of diverting up to 250,000 tons of waste, per year from landfill. This will also reduce strain on our natural aggregates minerals in quarries by re-selling the material into the local construction industry. We decided to close the deal with Rob from CRJ Services, after going to look at a Bruce machine in Scotland. It was clear that this was the machine for us; well built, good throughput and an enthusiastic, knowledgeable team in Bruce who have been first class during both the delivery and commissioning period. Rob and CRJ have been very supportive and pragmatic in the whole process and I cannot thank or recommend them highly enough!" - Daniel Mayer – Director at Mayer Aggregates & Recycling (part of Mayer UK Group)

The compact design of the WashPod makes it the smallest complete wash plant on the market, providing operators, with limited space, the ability to wash material on-site. Significantly reduced install, dismantling and relocation times make the WashPod the machine of choice for operators who have a requirement to campaign wash at multiple sites or those involved in contract washing, as well as those processing on a smaller footprint. As Bruce Engineering is a certified Hardox wear parts centre, the build quality of the WashPod is robust and market-leading, ensuring longevity, with other branded components used throughout.

"We are excited to see our first WashPod installed and operating following the acquisition of the Bruce Engineering dealership. The innovative and compact design of the WashPod overcomes many of the challenges operators face regarding cost, space, and operation. We are thrilled to see this first system delivering results for Mayer Earthworks." – Rob Symons – Director at CRJ Services Ltd.